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A customer discount is available on the following prices! Call 020-7431-0212 for details! £0
Alesis Monitor One (pair) £30
Auratone 5c Super Cubes (pair) £25
Electrovoice Sentry 100A (pair) £30
Fostex 6301B Powered (each) £10
Genelec 1029a powered (each) £25
Genelec 1031A Powered (each) £38
Genelec 7050B Sub Woofer £50
Genelec 8030 Powered(each) £25
JBL 4412 (pair) £45
JBL Control 1 (pair) £25
JBL Control 5 (pair) £30
JBL LX22 (pair) £20
KRK V8 (pair) £70
KRK7000B (pair) £60
Teledyne Acoustic Research AR18BX £30
Teledyne Acoustic Research AR18LS £30
Yamaha MSP5A powered monitor £20
Yamaha NS10 Studio (pair) £30
Yamaha NS10M (pair) £30
Zeck 3-Way Electrovoice (pair) £60

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Please contact us if you don't see the item you're looking for, since we're constantly updating our stock.

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