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A customer discount is available on the following prices! Call 020-7431-0212 for details! £0
Akai SMO501 650 Removable Optical £50
Alesis Datadisk Data Filer £20
Apple CD300 CD Rom Drive £20
DAC RW4000 128 Removable Optical £35
HHB 800 CDR £35
HHB CDR830 Burn-It! Plus £50
Iomega 250Mb Zip Drive, SCSI £25
Iomega Jaz Drive 1Gb £30
Iomega Jaz Drive 2Gb £50
Iomega Z100P 100Mb Zip Drive, PC £20
Iomega Z100S 100Mb Zip Drive, SCSI £20
Iomega Z250U 250Mb Zip Drive, USB £30
Korg DF1 Data Filer £20
La Cie Rugged 500GB external hard drive £20
Plextor PXW124TSE SCSI CDR/W £25
Removable 230Mb Optical 3.5 £40
Removable 640Mb Optical 3.5 £40
Sony 650 Removable Optical £50
Syquest 135 Removable EZ Drive £30
Syquest 200Mb Removable Hard Drive £30
Syquest 230 Mb Removable EZ Flyer £30
Syquest 270Mb Removable Hard Drive £30
Yamaha MDF2 Data Filer £20

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